La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-06-02 04:02:16 (UTC)

When all u are left with is crying.

Every man for himself" I've heard this so many times before and I think someone that never needed any one else is the one who wrote it a selfish person.
The world seems to be so upside down now days. They are no longer simple. Unless of corse you are a man of your own and don't listen to the news can careless if your neighbors are dying or if they are killing them.
What hapend to old fashion curtesy I mean jeez it realy is hard to understand all the uglyness in this world...
But how I've told you before I rather see the good in the bad and to be honest lately is been a little harder to understand and not loose faith.
But today I cryed while I was praying for every ones needs including my own. I felt so loved and understood by this force and power that just humbled my heart.