Do Not Disturb

2020-06-01 19:16:11 (UTC)

Story Of My Life

Just talked to Al on his lunch break. He was getting something to eat from Burger king and he called me which made me very happy which was only for a while but at least he called and he thought about me. He told me good luck on my interview and he gave me some pointers. I thought that he had cutt all of his hair but it was just braided from the back. He said he thought about it but then it would be at least a year to grow back. Then, he had to go back to work and we hung up. I asked if, he could come tomorrow since, he's off but sadly he said no because of the coronavirus. I feel like it's gonna be months before I see him. But if, I get this job and I will I won't be so bored. But of coarse, I'll wear my mask every day while working. I'll go to work and come home. That's it. That was my life before I quit when I worked at Wendy's. Work and come home. Story of my life.

- A

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