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2020-06-01 16:51:20 (UTC)

Mom's 60th bday

Today was by default mom's bday. Hehe b default means I'm not if this is her real date but her school certified says so.
This year I couldn't buy her gift but I did try my best to make her feel special. I cooked lunch chole, puri, jeera rice, boondi raita, caramel sevaiya. And baked a cake which was wowwww. She was happy. She wore her new kurti which i bought her few months back.
I missed monku today too. I missed how I brag him how much I cooked and how wonderful my cake was to just hear appreciation from him. That mattered me a lot. I shared my cake with everyone but sharing with him was something different. With him everything was different, I never felt judged, today I got emo thinking of him. I guess my angry is taken over by reality. I donno about him. How he must be feeling, does he even try to write me? Or does he think of me??? I don't think so that he must be as much I'm thinking about him. I thi k of him all the time. I read our msg, pics we shared it takes me there when we were WE. I feel to cry and sd but between my family I have to compress these feelings.
I should make myself busy I'm actually but some how I make time to think of him it kinda makes me feel good. Like they say everything that hurts ,makes you feel alive.

Lockdown is extended with some release. I hope I get job soon. God I hve left everything on you. Bless your child.