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2020-06-01 06:29:41 (UTC)

Look at the flowers. lol 😈

You have to be a fan of The Walking Dead to catch on to that title but that's what it is here near me right now. A lot of crazy things going on to add to Covid. People are out there protesting and some of them violently. Downtown offices are closed because of what's going on but those people can telework so it's not impossible to work. So like in The Walking Dead, Carol would say to the little girl (Lizzie I think?) "Just look at the flowers" So that's what I'm doing too. Just ignoring the crazy and just looking at the Of course, in The Walking Dead, we all know what happened to Lizzie after Carol tells her to look at the flowers so maybe I shouldn't look at mine? hahaha. Mine are in full bloom now. I thought they were yesterday but nope, they're even fuller this morning.

My building is conveniently hidden at another part of the city and we don't have signs anywhere purposely done for times like these. So yeah, the data center would be the place to go whacko at if you want to do damage to the State. Knock down the telecom and you do a lot of damage. But nope, we're good. But just in case, I won't use my truck to work and drive my older Acura instead. lol. If they upend a car, they can do it to that car and not my Truck. I still love my car but it's older so I can replace it easier than my truck. Besides, there is a Target a few miles away and that seems to be the raid of choice.

The world sure is going nuts at the moment but the only thing I can do is to be be me meaning be the human being that I am. Not hating on people and try to do my part in spreading good instead of bad. But last night, I got invited to another bug out place should things go bad. So I now have a place up North and one down South of where I live. Well, that's good to know. Just in case poop hits the fan.

This morning, I smell my shirt and normally I can still smell some scent of my cologne from the night before. I still do but I also smell a touch of campfire. lol. Almost forgot we had that last night after the picnic. It was fun. I had a blast. I recall now one of the ladies said that I won the vote of best dressed yesterday. lol. My other friend was teasing me saying I look like an asian mafia. haha. Shanti had to go home to take care of her kiddo. My day would have been cut short but I got a ride home from Heidi and her dude so I was able to stay at the picnic. Later, we stopped by my friends house for Karaoke and campfire. We shot some air rifles too so that was fun. More drinking of course. I think it's stupid to shoot firearms when drinking but since it was only an air pistol, I said.. meh. and shot at a target myself. It was cool to blow up a soda because it was full and exploded when it got hit.

I'm now starting to recall the discussions last night. I'm laughing at some of the topics women talk about when drunk. They forget I'm there right next to them and can hear them or maybe they accepted me being there but it was so interesting to hear what they said for sure. Men should take notes during these times. haha. This is when women let their guard down and tell all. More than what a silly book would say about them. But they're my friends so their secrets are safe with me. 😋One of them is a Dutch lady so it's cool during group chatter, you hear her accent in the discussion. You get someone with a Texas drawl dude, A Dutch women, New Yorker, a Potty mouth lady, an East Indian lady, and who knows what chopped up accent I have coming from Hawaii migrating to CA? Good times last night. Finally get to hang with my friends in person.

This morning, I was amazed that I woke up early. Early enough to get my morning coffee and my mellow out time. No rush to do anything. Just absorb the quiet morning making sure my day starts off right and it has so far. Amazingly, even my hair is not crazy wild today so yeah, that's a nice start. I still got 30 min to goof off. 13 days to go before my hair stylist finally gets to cut my hair!!

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