London Life
2020-05-29 23:20:42 (UTC)

Alexandra Palace

Elina was watching 'Have I Got News For You' in which they used the phrase "Hoist by his own petard" about Cummings, She thought this was hilarious, as I'm the only person she'd ever heard say this. We had a big chat about this at the time I said it, and it turned out William Shakespeare used it, a petard being a kind of bomb, and "hoist" in this context meaning to be thrown up in the air.

On Saturday after the now usual weekend lie-in and podcast, we went on a bike ride to Alexandra Palace, though it was actually a coincidence that we've just watched a BBC4 programme about the first ever television broadcasts from there in 1936. We hadn't got far before we notied the vegan cafe Cookies And Scream were doing takeaways, so we queued up in the sun and had a snack in front of the Arsenal stadium. We continued to the Parkway Trail, a nature reserve opened in 1984, along a former railway link closed in 1954 because the full extension was never completed due to the War. Under one bridge there was a choir performing.

At the bit where you have to go out and use the road fro a while, we didn't fancy cycling up the narrow main road, so diverted straight into Alexandra Palace park, after getting a couple of Calypos. We sat there for a bit - it's a strange view as central London is blocked form your sight by Highgate Hill, though you can see the skyline of the City and Vauxhall.
From the other side, the new Tottenham stadium rises above anything else.

We rode round the palace and actually stumbled across the other part of the nature reserve by accident. We emerged into Crouch Hill and planned a quick route home so Jack could join a Zoom call at 17:30, but actually it was at 17:00 and he'd got a puncture, so I left him to do the chat in a park, and he got the bus home later. I missed my own group chat tn the morning as I couldn't find the link in time; I'm going to be better prepared next week.

There were a huge number of bikes about, probably due to the public transport restrictions. Also many scantily-clad girls with great figures to look at. Some were in tiny shorts, or pretty dresses, but us in little mini-skirts were definitely the majority, a range of sexy tight, and daring baggy ones.

Yesterday Jack went to see his parents in the afternoon, which is allowed now, if you sit two metres apart in the garden. We were supposed to sit it in the square outside the station for a while, but he bought the wrong ticket from the machine and he was running around trying to find the right office to change it, so we didn't have time for a sit down. I was going to go on a run afterwards, but my knee didn't feel right after Saturday's ride, so I walked home and did some work on my laptop to sort out and upload my top tunes of the month. Also, now I've got a new laptop it was a chance to sort out my nude-girlie pictures, though there were less substandard ones and duplicates to delete than I expected. I've still got to check the Cassie and Chloe pictures for doubles. I also sorted many into albums.

I've been careful recently with the chain and gears when riding my bike, as the gears have been feeling a bit cranky. Jack had to borrow my bike today, as he's got a puncture and we haven't got a spare time. I told him to be careful but he wrecked the whole gear-and-chain system, which was annoying; it'll need to go to the bike shop.

Today at lunchtime we again went to Ellie's cafe to get a superior falafel wrap. but due to lack of time we just ate by the canal; it's still very sunny. Tonight Jack is again joining me on my (slower) run.