Experienced Life
2020-05-31 22:28:16 (UTC)

Whew!!! End of the weekend. 👌

So the weekend is finally somewhat over. It's 10:30PM right now on a Sunday night. I spent the entire day with friends. From wine tasting to picnics. When that was over, we went over to my friend's place and had more food, wine, and game there. Of course, the dudes bring out their firearms to shoot because we're stupid.Shouldn't be shooting firearms while drinking. Anyway, I was asked to come out and shoot shit with the boys because we are stupid and somewhat rednecks so yeah, we do stupid things.

My friend (owner of the place) says he know me and he knows I'm good at anything I touch. So he gives me the rifle and have a shot at the soda can from whatever distance we were at. I wasn't the first but a few tried and missed. Pfft. My drunk ass gave it a go and to be honest, I'm pretty good at firearmss but I didn't tell them that. Everyone missed and I got my shot at it. So yeah...bang!! Got it. Soda exploded and I get to keep my man card. Pfft. I'm good that crap so yeah, no problem.

Anyway, earlier at the winery, we hung out, chatted, did our thing and my ride had to go early. Heidi said she got me so I could stay and I did. We later went to my friends house and partied more. Ugh... I"m old. Can't party till 4AM like the old days and get up to go to work at 7AM anymore. Nope. So I told them my train is coming in early and I needed to go home. They were tired too so they didn't bitch about it. Just got home. It' s1030PM and yeah..tired.

So I'm home. Tired as heck. Picnic then fire pit bullcrap stuff all night long. I loved it. I didn't get into any trouble so that's good. Everyone had a great time. We may now all have Covid 19 but hey, poop happens. Good night peeps. I had a great time. Body says night night.

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