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2020-05-31 08:39:24 (UTC)

Fantastic weekend 😄

Having a great weekend and still more to come. Going wine tasting today and it's sort of celebrating my friend's birthday so there is that. Wine tasting is good enough for me though. I was a bit worried because if I had to drive, then I'd have to limit my drinking and be a good boy. Just 15 min ago, I got two offers for a ride. Yay!!! Just in a nick of time. Nice to have friends. So Shanti is picking me up aka: the eye candy. There will be a dozen of us that I know. The rest will be my first time meeting them.

The weather is perfect today with a high of only 81° F (27° C for my friends in other countries) and sunny all day with some clouds (that again is sunny and clouds for my friends in other countries lol) . For the picnic, I got some pineapple sausages, smoked salmon, assorted cheeses, assorted crackers, and chocolates of course. I'll also bring a few bottles of wine that I like.

I even get to dress up just a tad but on the casual side. Gray sport's coat, black T shirt, one of my straight leg (chinos I think they call it?) skinny pants, brown boots, my red somewhat mesh briefs for luck, and for my cologne, I think Herod by Parfum de Marly. One of my favorites but not my top gun because it's not date night or anything. Just a gathering of friends so I shouldn't get myself into trouble this time (fingers crossed). 👅

But for now, I'm giving myself 1/2 an hr to relax and just zone out. My much loved morning ritual. Sitting in bed drinking coffee. The 2 dozen roses I bought yesterday is already nearly in full bloom. Hope it lasts longer this time with the cooler weather.
I bought pink this time. They were the best of the bunch when I shopped at Costco yesterday. The rest didn't look all that healthy. Besides, pink roses reminds me of pink panties and I'm a man and always thinking a little on the dark side everytime. I could work on that but'd take years to fix that problem.

Well, it's time to get ready. Shower and start packing my picnic basket. Not sure what pants to wear. I should go dark in case I spill my wine.