2020-05-31 12:37:41 (UTC)


A tornado flew around my room and it was D***. God is Good. Men and women are meant to be together ❤. I don't see how society moves on to the complex charms with the mysticism of thug passion at their fingertips. I heard I'm lucky like that, a grown woman still boy crazy. He could ask me anything and I am giddy to answer. Supply his demand. I watch myself carefully as I squirrel away his every quirk and motion. I am a jealous woman and prone to fits of anger, but for those of us that survived Marriage Apocalypse....when ya know ya know (ya know). I'm lucky to be a pin up girl in a time of war. A Brown Betty on the battlefield. So many soldiers! But this one IS special. I hope to light his way through the night as long as we are safe and hold a place in his heart past the break of Dawn.

Thanksa Heap Good Lookin 😘

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