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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-31 05:25:41 (UTC)

The sand on my feet.

You matter to people wether you achnolage it or not. People love you whether you know it or not. But to have them tell you live for the whole world to read, well that just brings tears to my eyes. Today has been an emotional day for some reason. Maybe because I could die from missing my family so much right now. And I hate this feeling of wanting them to miss me just as much. I miss having that conection with some one who truly understands what it means to be human share the same hopes and dreams.
Am so ready to touch the sand with my feet and listen to the sea, the ocean waves crashing against the rocks on the bay and have a beautiful sun rise hit the end of the horizon just long enough for you to sigh and feel so extreamly loved by your creator. That sounds so wonderfly perfect. Good night!!