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2020-05-31 02:28:31 (UTC)

Always competitive.

I remember one day my brother Alex came home with a funny looking wooden box with 24 pieces in it, he got home from school and asked me to come see. I was a very curious child so I came over to see what the fuzz was all about. He then began to name the pieces an d tlling me the names, he'd go this is the queen, this is the King but the queen is your most valuble piece. Then is the bishop and the horse and the tower. Then in front of all these pieces go the pions. And he began explaining the game to me. I was fascinated by this new game called chess. And a little of it's history.
He then asked me to play with him every chance I got. Needless to say we began to be very competitive and battled every chance we'd get.
We began participating in shool tournaments then got chosen to go participate against other schools, then we where going to state tournaments was the greatest thing ever.
I managed to go to state 3 times my dad was so proud of me.
I have tought my son how to play and he is very good at it we playe once in a while. Sad thing most people now days are not intrested in this awesome game. I love it!