La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-30 22:00:04 (UTC)

When you hurt I hurt!

Today I went to visit my mother in law, ans she invited me over to have lunch with them, it was a good thing I have been feeling very sad today, my sister called me yesterday because she needed to talk to me and I had visitors and was unable to talk to her, well this morning mom called to tell me my niece was bitten on her face by the neighbors dog she was lucky the dog missed her eyes by a pinch, it was so bad to see her pictures 5 stiches on her right side and 4 on her left, poor baby It was hard on all of us because we are a very close family when one hurts we all do. My mom was crying so much I managed to make her see the bright side and calm her self down.
My family never tellsp me when things are bad they still belive that by keeping things from me they are protecting me but I understand why they do it they just want me to be ok there isn't much I can do any ways being so far from my home town. This little girl was name after me and she is a tough cookie I know she will be fine. Love you mija!

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