Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2020-05-30 18:45:47 (UTC)

I'm A Soldier To My Own Emptiness... I'm A Winner!

My life IS over, just not in the way I thought it was. My life's purpose has been fulfilled. Now, I can just peacefully live out the rest of my days. I don't even have to fear my demons anymore because I faced them and won. That's an entry I've been avoiding writing in here, though of course, I already wrote about it offline. Basically, I was very, very tempted to commit suicide and I didn't do it. Like, I had to resist killing myself and I did. I don't know when, but I may write about that, in here. It's so very dark, though.

If I have another purpose in life, it will come to me when it comes. I'm not going to wonder, worry and/or wait for it. I've finally found inner peace. I still have to deal with very unpleasant feelings... Like, Thursday afternoon, but I got through it. I'm all alone in this world. I've accepted it. Right now, my life is Hakuna Matata, though not nearly as fun, but some day the queen will return... .