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2020-05-30 10:08:35 (UTC)

Nice day nice weather 😁

Oh yeah. What a nice start to a great day today. I started it off right by getting my much needed rest from last week. Woke up at 10AM like a lazy ass. With my eyes still closed, I can check today's weather and today's news just by asking Alexa. Beautiful day today and the weather will be perfect with a 75° F high and 53° F low. I can almost imagine a silly love song playing in my head "Loving you" by Minnie Ripperton ( I think that's how it's spelled).

Last night's white wine was way too sweet. So used to red that I puckered up when I took my first sip. I do love the fruity smell and flavor though so I modified it and added ice cubes in my glass. It watered it down as the ice melted so it wouldn't taste as sweet then it was perfect. The smell of the peach or apricot I think along with some rose petals. I mean rose petals would taste like crap but the scent of rose petals fools my mind into thinking rose petals would taste good. I may have or may have not paired it with some chocolate.

I'm considering maybe selling my pool table. Maybe. The room it's currently in would be a perfect place for a mini gym and I'd have room to add real exercise equipment in there. I'm thinking a stationary bike, my total gym (that's still wrapped in shipping plastic), bringing my weights in from the garage, weight bench, and maybe some stand alone boxing equipment. That room would be perfect for it and it'd make the room look bigger without the pool table taking up so much real estate. The ceiling is just high enough that I can also jump rope. Woohoo!! It's wood flooring and with my gym pads, it'd be a perfect impact cushion for my body. The big plus is I'd have A/C so I won't have to deal with 100° weather anymore. The bad would be one less social toy when my friends come over. Not many of them come over to have a workout (well, maybe none) so yeah... there is that I have to think about. And of course, that perv in me thinking of things I can do on the pool table that isn't normally seen or done at any pool hall. lol

Heading out to Costco today to get more grape tomatoes, spring salad and one of those humongous mutant rotisserie chickens that's bulging out of the container it's in. They're that big! More like small sized turkeys. lol I slice those up to top my salads and it's good for 5-6 salad meals. Cheap and easy. I want to get another 2 dozen roses or whatever arrangements I think would look cool. I guess I need stuff for tomorrow's wine tasting and picnic too. Not sure what yet. I'll figure it out as I shop around. If I see a weight bench, I think I'll get one too. It'll help with my home workouts. It's also good for reverse burpees. Haha. Just had a thought. I'm thinking about all this workout stuff while it's nice and cool. Sure, but I bet my attitude would change once it's back to over 100° F again.

Oh yeah, yesterday I drove to my hair salon. Sadly, still closed but I saw a sign with the manager's cell so I called her and I'm booked for June 14th so just a couple more weeks of ear tickling and I'll be back to normal...physically anyway. Mentally? No hope for that anymore. haha

My gym informed me a few months ago that they dropped the monthly tuition to $47 bucks a month for awhile now. That's almost 1/2 of my current rate and I'm grandfathered in so Yay!! I like that. Then I get another email stating that they froze our accounts so we're not even being charged at all for now and the online classes are free!! Wow!! Cha-ching!! That's why I love my gym so much.

Today, not much muscle ache. I've been trying to stretch and foam roll more and I think it's helping or at least the placebo effect is working for now. That's one of my not so good habits. I know I should be doing these more often but I don't. When you workout 5-6 times a week, your body gets used to it but I haven't been consistently doing 6 times a weeks so then it actually hurts more when you slow down. Go figure 🤔.

Supposedly, it's gonna storm at around 1PM. I have to put my baby in the garage. I want to keep the pretty on my truck for at least another week. (Hanging on to my man card still).

Wherever you folks are right now. Just smile for a bit. Fake as it is, let your brain send you some good vibes. Give it a go :) That's all I got for now diary. Thanks for being here.

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