Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2020-05-30 14:35:20 (UTC)

The Price Of Wisdom

Wisdom often comes from painful experiences. Is that why they are called 'Wisdom Teeth?' Because they hurt!

Of course, wisdom can also come from joy. Had my husband lived, I would still have the wisdom I have now, knowing that love is all that truly matters, but I would be so thankful for him and so incredibly happy. I would have wisdom and joy, instead of wisdom and sadness. And he would have his life.

The wisdom I would have if he were still here, would still have come from the painful experience of him going through cancer. So, it still would have come from a painful experience, but it would be resolved in joy.

Someone told me recently that I HAVE to be happy for my husband because he is no longer in pain. I can't argue with that. But, what I can argue is, why does cancer have to exist, at all? The answer is simple if you're an atheist, but I don't have that luxury.

God allows terrible, terrible things to exist. As another example, poisonous animals and insects that can kill people. Why were those created at all?

Anyways, wisdom does come from pain, in one way or another. So, it's not something you necessarily want however, it can make you an incredibly strong person, which can be immensely beneficial to you, in such a fucked up world.