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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-29 23:41:41 (UTC)

Unspoken of memories.

Maybe I would have belived you that I would be where I am right now if you'd asked me at age 16. Because I thought I knew exacly what I wanted and I did. Except for the fact that I would have no idea how much it would cost. But I don't want to talk about that right now. I like to focuse on the good things of the ride, but then you'd have no idea what my fight song sounds like or the tune that beat caries.
When I turned 18 my mom broke the Mexican law and was in prison for 8 years. I had been living in AK for a few mnths then and was doing well trying to find my place in the world and on the day of my birthday I get a phone call from my brother I thought he was going to wish me happy bothday but in stead he asked me to come home because mom needed us. Well I did not know how to react I was heart broken that things had gone so badly. I suported her as much as I could but most of us went on to living our lives and visit her as much as we could goof thing there is 8 of us but she met my first born in prison and it broke my heart to see her in such an aweful place she was there for 7 years. It seems like such a long time ago but there are still a lot of things unspoken of and this is one of them.