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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-29 23:27:14 (UTC)

Please don't tell mom and dad what happend.

Have you ever had a moment where your feet get so dirty you can't help to look at them and remember playing in the mud as a kid? I just did. And boy was that a fun memory, you must think am crazy but my oldest brother Daniel use to watch us when we where kids and he would come up with thw most fun ideas to keep us or maybe himself entretained.
Such as holding the water on the ditch and making holes all the long maybe 100 yards down the steam or ditch as we call it then he would yell now!!!
So we would wait like ten minutes for the ditch to get full of water and take of running. The purpose was to reach the end of the line before anyone else. So imagine 10 small children running across the stream not knowing when you would trip with a hole man if the one in the front would trip all the ones behind him would to, So we would pilled up againt eachother laughing our heads of from what that scene looked like. Kid's coughing up mud and struggling to keep on the race so much fun.
Then wa the Alamo tree rope with a stick on the end so we could swing. Again my brother Daniel idea I remember this one time I finaly got my turned to be pushed over and swing, I kept yelling higher higher in till I was high enough to smack my back against the tree's large trunk or tree stem and runned out of breath I started turnning blue when my brother smacked my back and I started coughing he was more scared than I was once I cought my breath I said can i ride it again and he was like no u need to go inside and please don't tell mom and dad what happend. Best times ever. I wish kid's now days had the time to expirience those types of adventures.