London Life
2020-05-29 22:17:01 (UTC)

Forms, spreadsheets, and my new laptop

Didn't get to sleep until close to 3 after watching Playboy videos. Jack had to put £3000 cash in the bank at lunchtime, something to do with his mum. If my new laptop hasn't arrived, I would have stayed in, even though it was sent by Royal Mail, but the postman came in the morning. I seem to have saved about £450 in a month by not going out to things, even though we've still been getting take-away food and coffees, and I've used this to get a laptop without recourse to savings. The last straw with my creaking old PC was the inability to download drivers to enable me to put an old XFM programme online, which a correspondent has been harranging me over for a few years I think now.

Today after queueing outside the bank - it's only open four hours a day - we had time to sit with a coffee and pie next to the Overground; I paid for some croissants they gave us free the other day when their card machine wasn't working.

My boss twice got the intranet people to put a "final" version of the new form up, but then Martine asked for yet another change, when he really thought she'd finished. I found to my surprise they've abandoned the AS form altogether, which together with additional questions I've got them to put on the remaining form, means the chance of me having to query the forms is reduced from about 80% to virtually nil. I'll have even less to do (which is a good thing) just when they're recruiting for the vacancy above me, who'll surely have nothing to do at all! It was after 19:00 when I finally posted the Top 100, without the "weeks" figure. I wonder if the online system would even cope, now I've got 85,000 lines on it. I managed somehow to compile the Top 100, despite the failure of both sheets to work at all much of the time - I couldn't even select a cell.

So after my run, we only really had time for a pie, and to watch Have I Got News For You and The Last Leg dredging the last bit of satire from the Cummings affair