Do Not Disturb

2020-05-26 18:28:13 (UTC)

Just Like That

So, you know the guy that I mention in my previous entry that I wanted to meet in person. Well, that didn’t happen. He just wanted sex and that which I already knew thinking he would wanna come over to my place and chill also eat since, after all it is Memorial Day. But no he just wanted me to come over to his place to FUCK and then leave me hanging. And I wasn’t about to let that happen to me. Not again. I already knew from the first thing he wanted to fuck when he sent that dick pic of his that I didn’t ask for. I told him how I don’t even know him enough to just randomly go to his place yet and my mom agreed especially not with this coronavirus going around. Then, he said that I was playing little kid games and said bye. So, I did the mature thing and blocked his ass simple as that and deleted my account on MeetMe because all guys wanna do on their is have sex with me. I’ll probably end back on their later in the future. Maybe I should try Tinder next. Idk.

- A

– A