Do Not Disturb

2020-05-29 17:01:35 (UTC)

I want a dog 🐶

My brother got his turtles 🐢 today and their small and so cute. He's naming them Turbo and Johnny. He could've done better withh the Johnny name. I like Turbo better like the movie. Him having two baby turtles makes me want a dog even more but we can't have one because my mother doesn't wanna pay a lot of money for it because we live in an apartment and she doesn't want it sh*tting everywhere when I won't. I'll take him outside for a walk everyday that he has to use the bathroom. She act like I never had a dog before. We had to give our last two dogs away.They weren't all the way trained because they kept running away a lot but that was when we were in a house but they always came back. But this time I want a dog that's perfectly trained. That won't tear up the house. My mom says wait till we get a house. But six months is to long for me.

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