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2020-05-29 05:53:25 (UTC)

Finally time for a peaceful morning ☺️

Finally!! I wake up early enough to spend some quiet time sitting up on bed to zone out in my own way. I feel so good and refreshed. No part of my body hurts from yesterday's workout...yet. I did some foam rolling last night (Sorry, not a sex act for the non gym peeps) to alleviate any pain that's coming. I expect my glutes, hamstrings, and quads to say effe you to me later on today. My coach complemented me yesterday during our zoom class. He said I was doing great dropping my squats really low way past 90°. I can almost come close to my butt touching my heels. That don't sound right huh? I just mean I can really drop down on my squats now. At my age, I should be falling backwards or snapping my knees off but nope. I got this 🙂.

During zoom class, I can sort of see the little screens of the other members on my laptop and my pace is still faster than theirs. This is the hard part about zoom gym classes. You don't know what the pace is so it's harder. I like to be the fastest and in general using the heavier dumbbells compared to the class. With zoom classes, you don't know the pace as well and the general feel of what the class is doing. I recall a gym session where we were in a circle of 6 peeps and we did iron crosses. The non-moving one. This is where you just grab two dumbbells and pose like a cross keeping your arms straight to the side, core tight, butt tight, back straight, shoulders relaxed. They were 45 second holds and I think we did them 6 times with 15 seconds rest in-between. I grabbed 10 lb weights and when I do this, I close my eyes and try to focus on anything other than the burn your shoulders are feeling. By the 5th and 6th attempt, I open my eyes and I see people dropped down and was now using 2 lbs weights. The burn is that intense but yeah, I use the gym members to guide my pace and workout. Too stupid and too competitive.. Always have been my whole life.

Anyway, this morning I guess it's sorta too early to hear traffic and I'm not complaining. Looking at the mirror across the room, I laugh at my hair being so long and going all over the place. I'm thinking "Who dat?". I also see my roses didn't even last long this time. It's already starting to droop. I know the heat is what's doing it. Or is my aura doing it from the pain I feel during the heated 100° workouts? lol.

Today, I'm feeling so so so so mellow. Morning coffee in bed is so enjoyable. My keep-hot coffee cup heater keeps my coffee nice and hot. I will never get tired of my morning coffee, sipping my coffee letting it settle in my mouth tasting the stevia, cinnamon, and coffee beans for a few seconds before gulping it down my throat making sure it goes through all my taste buds as I swallow. Then of course I can't help but say "aaaaaaahhhh". lol. One day, if and when I have a partner in crime next to me, while I have my mouth full of coffee, I'll give her a kiss in places that I'm pretty sure she'll appreciate. haha. Drifting again.

Such a nice day. It's Friday morning. I got paid. Work is finally under control so I'm leaving work early today. Going wine tasting this Sunday. I lost a couple of pounds this week. Hair salons are open. The high today is only 85° F so that is a major plus for today's workout. Gotta say. you hear all the crazy things going on in the news about CA but if you just stay away from all that negativity, CA USA is an awesome place to live life. I'm loving it. And this is saying it from a guy from Hawaii.