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2020-05-28 18:04:21 (UTC)

Whew!! Hot as Effe!! 🥵

Today's workout in the garage? 102° F!!!!!!!!! Hell!! Yup, it was hell alright literally. Inch worms with an added pushup at plank. Lateral frog jump squats (I thought we did this yesterday already). Russian twists with a 20 lb dumbbell. I don't like this too much because it messes with my tailbone. Again, thinking maybe I was a brontosaur in my past life? Squats (past 90°) with an added front kick when you get up. Mountain climbers. Jumping jacks. Last but not least, burpees!! How I love burpees! NOT!!

This workout kicked my ass. It' a good thing I got tight boxer briefs because I think my... nuggets would be hitting the floor if it wasn't nicely tucked away 🤪 lol. Once again, shirt and shorts soaked. Did I say it was hot enough times yet?? Normally, my workouts feel like 10 min for a one hr session. But nope, not today. Today the 1 hr season felt like 30 min. Good thing I'm stupid and don't want to stop.

My ass better be in some commercial one day and not from a "depends" commercial because I worked my ass off today. Friday was supposed to be what we'd call our booty Friday workout but we sure did a lot of butt exercises today. To top it off, the ckt training was done a little early. So... they made us crank out some more cardio. 100 jumping jacks. Then one min of mountain climbers. But we still had time left so we added another 100 jumping jacks. I jump rope a lot but my calves were screaming .
I do like my butt though. Not looking like a saggy ass diaper or one of those "Walmart pics" of people in clothes seeming to oooze out of their clothes. Yipes!!

I know one thing and I've said this a gazillion times already. Working out after effects? It's like a natural high. Or low. Or whatever it is that mellows you out and makes you smile like the Joker. So for tonight, life is good. I'm sure tomorrow, my butt will hurt but that's tomorrow.

Some wineries are open again!!! The gang is heading out to Amador County wineries in my California 😎 this Sunday. We're celebrating something for someone but I don't recall and don't care. I'd go even if it's National Pet Rock day. I'm so giddy!!! Gonna be all dressed up again pretending to be some sophisticated badass wine connoisseur. But nope, I'll reality I'll just be some drunken fool drinking wine, cracking funny stupid jokes with my friends, eating cheese, salami, garlic bread dipped in flavored olive oil and whatever else high in dairy, fatty meats, carbs, and whatever else we want to eat. 😈🤪

I'll try not to get into trouble again... but I wouldn't bet on it. That's ok though. I got my friend to back me up when I get too flirty (blaming the wine and not my personality) and she'll reel me in if need be. Yet, she knows when to not pussy-block me too. My friend. Love her to death. We always got each other's back when needed.

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