London Life
2020-05-28 22:07:55 (UTC)

Cleaning task and on-line quiz

Today it was announced that gatherings of up to six people outside will be allowed. I don't think it will help me much as, although I've got loads of friends, none of them are close friends, which is usually how I like it, as I have less obligations and can pick and choose from many potential events, spreading amongst the crowd. But it does mean I'm probably not in the six people any person would choose for a select gathering.

Yesterday we watched the Prime Minister appear before the liaison Committee for the first time (other PMs have appeared four times a year). The chairman asked when he would appear again, and he said it took a lot of time to prepare. A remarkable statement, given the lack of information in his answers yesterday. The edited bits on BBC News didn't show that he started every answer with "well, errr, we, um, rrrr..."

I feel much less fed up with the situation than I did on Tuesday, perhaps because I've had three good nights sleep. It was quite a novelty at first but we've exhausted all possibilities now to relieve the monotony. We've even become people who go to a shop and buy loads of food, instead of just my breakfast and a few ingredients. And I need to dishwash lots of stuff every day, instead of a few bits weekly.

Today I was quite relaxed at work, despite another annoying meeting about how we can improve the things that annoy us at work. However I couldn't get my big Top 100 files to even function, let alone save, so I had to leave my laptop on all night to keep my data.

At lunchtime I again went to help clean the food centre. As someone had pulled out, and the website wasn't working for people to sign up, I got Jack to come, so he ran two lots of 3km instead of his usual one. When I ran with him, my app always says I've made less effort than usual. It was just us, Abi and Simon.

We went to the big Waitrose, then sat in both the square and the Gasholder Park for a bit, clapped the nurses for the final time, then did an online quiz presented by Jo Brand. This time, instead of playing together, we played against each other and I won by 0.75 of a point. All because he took "Queen Elizabeth I" in one question to mean the present Queen, so got her parents wrong.