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2020-05-28 20:42:12 (UTC)

Meet the cast of My Secret Valentine:

Main Cast:
Marga Redona as Julia N. Reid
Rolando R as Esteban
Supporting Cast:
Michelle R as Maggie: Julia's mother
Andre Z as Forrest: Esteban's friend
Ximena D as Emma: Julia's best friend
Monica G as Madison: Julia's best friend
Denia F as Anais: Julia's best friend
Paulina T as Paola: Julia's sister
Paulina D as Emily: Julia's sister
Andrew Walker as Jose: Julia's father
Catherine Burdon as Chloe: Esteban's mother
Lacey Chabert as Jane: Esteban's Stepmother

Richard Young as the restaurant owner
Joel as The plumber

It was released on February 10, 2022

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