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2020-05-28 21:33:57 (UTC)

Death by Water

A local dancer drowned three days ago. He went out with friends at night and went swimming when the tide was strong. He was likely intoxicated as well, either drugs or alcohol or both. It's been made a big deal when his body went missing. He surely drowned but the authorities made no effort to find him. No care came for this young man and it was up to his friends and family and any other people with a sense of compassion and patriotism to try and find him. His body was found washed up today, I think, and the funeral and burial had been arranged. It's all the rage now. I feel rather guilty as I don't know him, so I can't really spare any stronger emotion besides sorrow that a person's life was lost that way.

I find it intriguing how mom described it, that his body was basically spat out by the waves on a rocky area. He must have been no more than a rag to the sea at that point. To think he used to be a dancer. Dancers are graceful, beautiful. I doubt there was anything graceful about dying that way.

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