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2020-05-27 17:51:10 (UTC)

Brutal workout 🥵

Work was crazy busy. Didn't get to do any goofing off whatsoever. No checking out fb for a few min. Barely had 15 min to have my lunch. Next thing I knew "Boom!", it's time to go home. Got home and I was not wanting to face what I had to face. Today's gym class.

We did squats with knee to elbow touches at the top to get that core working harder. Side lunges with weights. Forward sideward arm motion jumping jacks with weights. V ups. Lateral bounds in and out of a squat. We rotated doing this for almost an hr. The hard part was that it's 100° F out right now and I get drained in the heat. I was sweating so much my shirt and shorts felt heavy and sticky making the workout even harder. But... I survived. Even the coach via zoom was tellng me it must be hot in my garage. Hell yes it was and still is. I don't know if I have it in me to do another 1,000 jumps on my jump rope today. All I had to eat too was rabbit food with about 4-5 ounces of chicken for protein.

I got a delivery from Amazon. Seemed like a good idea at the time but now? Hell effing no!! I bought a weighted workout vest. So now, I can workout with this weighted vest for a better workout. Right now, I'm struggling just to working out with a soaked shirt!! Yeah... no rush in using this vest for awhile. Seemed like a good idea a couple nights ago while drinking my wine in my family room with the AC on. Now? I say this vest is "The Devil!!!". I'm not even curious on opening it.

I can't post anything of value for now. I'm just throwing my little pity-party due to the heat. I'm thinking maybe my former life was a polar bear or
a penguin. That must be why I hate the heat so much. Bleh....

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