deanne and Connor

our dialog
2020-05-27 11:01:06 (UTC)

Lunchtime Delight

i am soooooo proud to be owned by my Master. These days of home confinement have become so bearable because of our nearly daily visits. Master has been wanting me since yesterday but work and home schedules were not cooperating. Thankfully we connected early this morning for coffee and set a "date" for 11:30 to visit. When i arrived He immediately sent me to our bed where he entered and fed me his cock to suck. Knowing He had a short amount of time i went directly to pleasing Him. In just 10 minutes He painted my face and allowed me to eat what managed to get between my parted lips. He left me with instructions to post this account of how His slut pleased Him this morning.
i SOOOOOOOOO adore Him.