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2020-05-27 14:56:39 (UTC)

Nina x Violeta part 1:

Nina and Violeta:
NiVio= Nina and Violeta
Nina: Bully
Violeta: Victim

05-27-2020: Bullying:
(Violeta finishes her math sheet and returns to Ms. Naomi)
Ms Naomi: Great Job Violeta Morales. Wait for the rest of the classmates.
Young Violeta: Thanks Ms Naomi!
(Ms Naomi is still waiting for the Kids to finish for the assignment)
Young Ellie: Done Teacher!
Ms Naomi: Bring it back for you.
(Nina snaps out with Vio)
Nina: Violeta, Vio Vio! She is first place at math tests
(all students laughing, except Ellie got very jealous)
Young Brisa: Everyone calm down!
Ms Naomi: Silence!
Young Ellie: Don't messed up with Morales Sisters.
Young Alexandra: Nina, stop bullying at my sister!
05-28-2020: Nina gets very evil at Morales Sisters:
Young Maya: Brisa and Violeta, I'll show you for the Princess Contest!
Brisa and Vio: Okay
Young Nina: Where are you going?
Young Denise: Would you please cut it out Nina! Do not bully with the sisters!
Young Nina: Who cares Denise! I am the princess!
Young Violeta: Don't you dare! (crying)
Young Nina: Awww Violeta is sad because her father is a divorced!
(all students laughing at Violeta)
(Ms Naomi enters, and most students are laughing at Violeta)
Young Alexandra: I will tell Ms Naomi!!!
Ms Naomi: Yes Alex, may I help you?
Young Alexandra: Nina starts bullying at Violeta again.
Young Nina: No Ms. Naomi, Violeta is a crybaby!
Young Violeta: No I am not!!!!
06-01-2020: 1st Day Of School:
Ms Esmeralda: Violeta, would you like to introduce something new?
Violeta: Sure! (faces the students) Hi My name is Violeta, but you can call me Violet or Vio by the way, and I have 3 sisters and my father is going to divorce soon--
Nina: Violeta, your father is dying soon!
(Violeta and her friends laughing)
Ms Esmeralda: Quiet students! Please let Violeta Speak for her speech!
German: Nina! Shut up!
06-09-2020: Violeta Exam:
Teacher: Congratulations Violeta! Your exam score got very attention for your work! Good job.
Violeta: Thanks Ms Esmeralda!
(Nina puts her right foot, and Violeta just sit down, and she just felled)
(Everyone stared at Vio)
Maya: Violet! Are you alright?
Violet: Oww!
Nina: Violet, get lost!
Violet: How dare you this to me?
Nina: You such a slut! (pulls your hair, and shoves you)
Violet: Excuse me! I got the perfect score right! I did not cheat your test!
Nina: Now shut up!
Maya: Nina, that's enough!
Teacher: Nina, that is not the way that you treat like the bully to Victim, but she got the perfect score like her.
Maya: Yeah Nina! Just leave Vio alone!
06-17-2020: Argue:
Violeta: Umm Maya, thank you for the Assignments to help me yesterday
Maya: You're welcome!
Brisa: Sis, let's go home
Violeta: Okay.
Nina: (pushes Violeta)
Maya: Vio, are you alright?
Violeta: Yeah, my ankle hurt
Maya: Wanna go?
Violeta: No.
Maya: Okay.
06-22-2020: Nina starts to snap Violet again:
Nina: Where are you going?
Violeta: Home!
Nina: But why are you still a dumb ass?
Violeta: My dad is gonna have divorce soon! So be quiet!
Sara: What a riot Violet! You should leave right now!
Maya: Don't you dare to say that Sara.
Sara: Watch out loser!
Nina: Who said it first, Violet!
Maya: Nina that's enough or else, I will speak to Violet's mom!
Nina: Who cares Maya!
06-26-2020: Nina dislikes Violet:
Nina: I hate her so much!
Sara: Just calm down Nina, everything will be alright, don't worry.
Violet: What did you say about me! (catfight)
Maya: Nina stop! You are so annoying about me and Violet, and she is nice, but not you! Ugly pigs!
Nina: You just called me a ugly pig! Violet was.
Maya: Shut up!
07-09-2020: Calixta and Nina are talking about what happened to Nina?/ Just Ignored her:
Calixta: So Vio, how was your first day at school?
(Violeta is vaping in the backyard alone)
Calixta: Oh come on amiga, it's just Nina.
Violeta: She ashtrayed at me in after school, and she tried to get away from me!
Calixta: Violeta, wanna hug?
Violeta: Yeah.
(they hug, as Letty sets the tea for the girls)
Letty: Calixta, thank you for coming to spend over in my house.
Calixta: Leticia, Appreciate it.
(Letty exits)
Just Ignored Her:
Maya: So stupid about this girl Nina
Violeta: I know right. (puts my foundation on) She hates me right?
Maya: Yes Vio, now stay away from her.
(Nina enters in the girls bathroom)
Nina: Did you just called me slut?
Maya: Nina, stop it, just because you are being so dramatic and telling lies about Violeta.
Brisa: Maya, I got it.
Maya: Wait.
(Brisa gets the Orange gum out in her bag, and she starts chewing quietly)
Maya: What are you doing?
Brisa: Chewing gum in privately.
Maya: Just spit in the trash.
(Brisa just spit the gum in the trash)
Brisa: What a disgusting!
Sara: You know what Bri and Vio, you should leave without us.
Christine: Nina.
Nina: Me? Why are you being so selfish?
07-13-2020: Violeta saves Calixta for bullying Nina:
(Nina drags Calixta on the girls bathroom locked)
Nina: Get lost New Girl!
(Violet knocks the door, and she unlocks the door, and Violet rushes to Cali)
Violet: Cali! Oh my god! Are you okay?
Cali: Yeah I'm hurt. (shows off my right shoulder of what Nina did) It was Nina.
Violet: Oh my god! I'm gonna call your mom.
Cali: No you do not have to! (sighs) I'm Cali!
Violet: Oh! Violet! My sister is on the way to nutrition break getting their food.
Cali: Well nice to meet you!
Violet: Same as you!
07-29-2020: Bianca and Nina/ Letty just slapped Nina after her daughter just bullied in the girls bathroom:
(Violeta is in the bathroom, and she flushes the toilet, and she washed her hands with soap)
Bianca: Is that writing graffiti on your wall?
Nina: Yeah, you right.
Angel: Nina, watch movies?
Nina: Sorry I can't
Betty: Why not then.
Nina: Good question girls! Vio Vio Vio! Welcome to Die!
Violet: (slaps Nina loudly) How dare you to this to me?
(Maya flushes the toilet, and she washes her hands with soap)
Maya: Knock it off! Violet! What the fuck do you dare about Violet, she's good! Huh!
Brisa: Violet, I will tell your mom!
Violet: Why?
Brisa: Because Nina bullied you.
Violet: I have one more class!
Brisa: Just go!
(Brisa, Violet and Maya are rushed into the one more classes)
(Morales' House: Living Room: Marissa, Brisa, Violet and Alex are in the couch, doing for the medical forehead for Violet, because of Nina)
Marissa: Vio, I am so sorry about what you did to Nina. She's a asshole. (Puts your medicine in each)
Violet: I know! She's crazy! She's crazy as fuck!
Marissa: Just relax!
Letty: I talked about your teacher that Nina just shoved at you in girls bathroom. So sorry baby.
Violet: (llorar) Nina just kissed German at school, because of what I did to me!
Alex: Umm mom. I think Nina would be arrested in jail, because of Violet called her slut!
Letty: Umm no she didn't. I will explain to Nina okay.
Vio: Yeah you are right.
(knocking on the door)
Letty: (opens the door and sees Nina) (slaps Nina harder) What did you do about my daughter?
Nina: Violet is a bitch!
Violet: You violated about me Nina!
Madam: Violeta Morales! Stop it!
Letty: Andrea, how was school?
Andrea: Great!
Letty: You just walked home earlier, because I speak to your principal already this afternoon about what happened to Violeta, and she went to the nurse, and I picked her up afterwards.
Andrea: Oh my fucking god! Violet! (llorar and abrazo) What happened?
Violet: Nina just called me a bitch!
Andrea: Nina! Can you please go away because of my sister!
Letty: I am explaining about Nina, not you! Nina, do not ever ever called my daughter a bitch again in the girls bathroom or else I will speak to your teacher and assistant principal again.
Nina: Violet is a asshole!
Marissa: No she did not Nina! You are the only one that you bullied my sister first!
08-12-2020: Not right now Violet/ Nurse Office:
(School: Violeta is walking to classes, and Nina just kicked Violet, and she rolls down the stairs)
Violet: Oww! (looks at the left arm again, and llorar)
Brandon: Vio! Vio! I will call your sisters! Brisa! Alex! Andrea!
(Brisa, Alex, Andrea and other students are rushing down the stairs, and everyone stood up with Violeta's accident)
Maya: Nina, what did you do?!
Christine: Nina, I will call the cops!
Nina: She lied to me!
(Letty enters, and sawed Violet's accident)
Letty: Vio! Vio Vio! What did you do to my daughter Nina!
Nina: She felled down the stairs
Calixta: No she did not ass!
Nina: Yes you do!
(Nina and Calixta are still fighting again, as Letty brings Cali out)
Letty: Calixta, stop, you are coming with me.
08-14-2020: Nina and Calixta are in the principal's office/ Violeta is in the nurse office:
Nurse: Violeta, is everything okay about the left arm discussion?
Violeta: Yes Nurse Maria, because Nina just pushed me on the stairs, because I have 4 more classes to go, and I was running late.
Nurse: Don't worry Vio, your mom is on the way.
(Maya, Cali, Mau and German are entering the nurses office)
German: May I speak to Vio?
Nurse: Umm she's sleeping right now.
German: Ok

08-17-2020: Violet ignores Nina:
Calixta: Umm Violet, can you finished your platform of your house?
Violet: Almost done!
Calixta: Sounds good! (cuts the foam out of paper, and sticks into the cardboard paper)
(Nina and her friends are entering the class with Violet and Calixta are doing the project)
Calixta: Shit! Is that your friend?
Violeta: No.
Calixta: Okay just ignored them.
Violet: Okay.
08-20-2020: UnInvited:
(school bell rings)
Betty: So what are your plans?
Nina: Umm how about the coffee shop?
Betty: Umm yeah, without Violet and her friends.
Nina: Absolutely!
Calixta: Violet, wanna go to your party?
Violet: Yeah sure without Nina and her friends are not allowed to, because of my mom.
(Calixta and Violet: *laughing*)
Calixta: You forgot your sisters?
Violet: Oh I see!
08-24-2020: Destroyer:
(Nina decides to destroyed Violet's plant again, and Calixta, Violet and Alex are entering in Art class)
Violet: My fucking plant!
Calixta: Don't worry Violet, you needed to create a new one! I will tell your teacher that Nina is destroying Violet's plant.
Violet: Ok
(German enters)
German: So how's everything Vio?
Violet: Great! My project just finished and then Nina destroying my plant!
German: Ms Cassie will talk to you later.
(Ms Cassie enters, and sawed Nina destroyed Vio's plant)
Ms Cassie: Who destroyed Violet's plant?
Alex: I think it was Nina did, that she just have the cutter on purpose.
Ms Cassie: Violet, don't worry, I will create you one
Violet: Ok.
09-01-2020: Nina is grounded for what happened to Violet:
Principal: Nina, I am very disappointed of you, because you bullied to Violet and also her sisters too, so explain to Violet?
Nina: Not me, she is the only one that I hate her.
Violet: No you don't!
Nina: (scolds Violet)
Violet: Don't scolded at me! Not fair!
Nina: Oh yes you do!
Principal: I will call your parents that you just bullying to Violeta, Andrea, Alex and Brisa for scolding to each students.
Calixta: Umm Principal, I just send the letter from Nina that she just called her a slut.
Principal: Okay Calixta, you may go now.
(Calixta exits)
Letty: Violet! I will explaining to you that you just treat like a brat all the time especially Brisa!
Brisa: Mom?
Letty: You know what Brisa! When you guys went home, go to your room right away!
Brisa: Alex and Andrea are good for the behavior, but Nina is a bitch!
Nina: Knock you off Brisa!
Brisa: You're dead bitch!
Letty: I know Brisa! (slaps you)
09-02-2020: Nina's parents and Morales' Parents Meeting:
Nina's Brother: Hey Vio! Your Bitch is here.
Violeta: Okay hore!
Nina: What do you want Slut?
Violet: Look I am so sorry that you just bullied to me and especially the sisters too. But I just cannot believe that you lied to me!
Nina: Now what you got now. You act like a selfish girl and you are the only bitch! Now shut up you too!
Letty: Nina! Stop acting that you treated me as my sister, and you are so damn christ about Brisa and Violet!
09-14-2020: Kicked out of Nina's party:
(School: Main Hallway: Violet, Calixta, and Andrea are in the hallway walking upstairs to the class)
Andrea: So Cali, how was your new school?
Calixta: Andrea thank you for asking for the question, and I have some lunch at home.
Violet: Can't believe that Nina just ruined my paper assignment yesterday, how embarrassing!
Calixta: Vio! Just shut up and don't think about Nina.
10-08-2020: Violet's Friends:
Betty: Nina, just calm down because of that Victim.
Nina: I hate her so much.
(Calixta, Brisa, Violet, and Andrea are entering the classroom, and then Violet just pushed Nina out of the way)
Violeta: What do you just called me?
Nina: Oh it's Violet who violently to me!
Andrea: Nina, you need to leave the class right now!
Nina: Andrea shut up!
Andrea: Excuse me!
10-12-2020: Evil Plans:
Nina: Betty, just hold my bucket
Betty: Alright!
(Violeta and Calixta are walking together, as Betty holds Nina's bucket with bunch of water balloons and Sara just pulled the bucket to Vio)
(Violeta screaming)
Calixta: Oh my gosh Vio! You look wet! I'll bring you in the girls bathroom!
(Cali and Vio are going to the girls bathroom, as Nina and her friends laughing)
10-16-2020: Fake Violeta:
(school bell rings)
(students chattering, laughing)
Mauricio: Violet, what's wrong?
Violet: Somebody put Violeta is a pig all over the locker room and including the whiteboard. What a disgusting picture! Allover!
Mauricio: Oh shit! (tears the Violeta's inappropriate picture out) Who did this?
Calixta: What the hell! (looks at Violet's inappropriate picture of Bra) Is that your pic?
Violet: Yeah.
Christine: This is so embarrassing!
Ricardo: I thought it was Nina and her best friends.
Violet: Yeah whatever!
Maya: I can't believe who did this!
Brisa: What?
Maya: It was Nina.
(Nina and her friends enters as they holding the slushies)
Nina: Hey Fake Violeta! (throws Slushie at you) (laughing)
Violet: What the fuck! My Pants and including my crop top! (mad) You know what this is all your fault, because you just posted your picture including that inappropriate naked picture! What a slutty answer!
German: Violet, we're just teasing about Nina
Violet: Wait!
Betty: You should leave!
Andrea: Knock it off Betty! (pushes You)
(Andrea and Betty are fighting each other)
Gerardo: Andi Andi Andi! Enough already!
Andrea: What do you want!
Gerardo: Wanna go?
Andrea: No.
(school bell rings)
10-20-2020: Violeta tells the truth:
Violet: (opens the locker, and gets art supplies, and closes)
Nina: Where are you going freak?
Violet: Whatever Nina! Always!
Nina: Oh, I called you that you are recently a slut in this classroom, and you send the picture alone by yourself, how dare to? And by the way, do not take my car and stealing it.
Violet: Just tell me the truth that I am.
Nina: Good for you Loser!
(Calixta, Brisa, and Ricardo are entering the school)
Calixta: Thanks for the homecoming!
Brisa and Ricardo: No problem Enjoy!!!
(Nina and Vio are arguing again)
Calixta: I think it was Vio! Let's go!
Nina: You cannot invite to my party, because you are very busted!
Nina and her friends: Liar Liar Liar!
Violet: That's enough!
Calixta: What is going on?
10-26-2020: Nobody Cares Violeta:
Madison: You know what Nina, just leave her alone.
(Violeta using the force fields, to get away from Nina)
Ricardo: Oh my god Vio, how do you do that?
Violeta: Umm I am using the force fields so that Nina will go away for a while.
Ricardo: Cool
Betty: Are you sure about this Nina?
Nina: Yeah Betty, just ignored her.

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