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2020-05-26 21:55:09 (UTC)

Working out in an oven 😱 and cutting off negativity

I couldn't believe it. I saw a Barber shop open. Walked over and there was indeed someone there. He thought I was someone else but nope, wrong dude. Apparently, he schedules his cuts so he was expecting someone else. I said ok, let's set up an appt. He said he's booked till Thursday! Holy cow!! Yeah, can't commit due to work and work comes first. Sigh.. So I still have my long hair til further notice. haha

Did my gym thang. It was a Tabata Tuesday workout day today. Online zoom class and in my garage. It was 103° out and the garage was very hot. I made sure I had a lot of water to drink because I was sweating so much. After class, I needed to get more cardio in so I cranked out 2,000 rope jumps. It was tough to do. So hot in the garage but it had to be done. I think maybe the empty bedroom might be big enough to do myfuture workouts so I'll see if I can give that a try. But yeah, I was too determined to getter done and I did so. But 103°? Whew!! So hot. Good thing my boys were tucked in my workout boxer briefs otherwise who knows where it'd be during gym class? haha

After working out, I wanted to put a 2nd coat of was on the hood of my truck. I tried not to sweat my truck so I had gym towel around my neck to keep from dripping on my truck. Yeah, my baby. It look so awesome now. Love my truck :) I know I shouldn't like it the way I do but I can't help it!!!
When I go camping/kayaking soon, it'll be the first time I pulled my kayak trailer with my truck. Red truck pulling a red kayak!!! Heck yeah! I love love love the color red. Red kayak, red truck, red darts, red workout mat, and red panty!! Yup, the list goes and and on.

Oh yeah, I got contacted by someone and it was just some drama. Someone angry, accusing me of things, and calling me names. pfft! Not even worth itt. The thing is I didn't even know what was going on at first. I found out later what it was all about but still, it was this person's self induced negativity that got this person some heat. Negative people like to blame others though and not themselves. Still, not my problem and I had nothing to do with it. Mediocre stuff and childish behavior. The boredom was the most overwhelming feeling I was feeling. I got better things to do.

So here is another life tip when faced with upset negative people. The best thing to do? Fight back? Nope. Get into a shouting match? Nope. Exchange angry texts? Nope. It's a waste to even get upset. I gave a short quick response, then ignore and blocked the contact. Do not waste your valuable time getting tangled with the drama. Just ignore the negative person and walk away. The only regret? I wasted 10 min of life and I want that back.

On better news, I hear our gym is once again rumored to open up very soon. We'd be mandated to buy big workout towels so your sweat is appears to be contained in the towel. haha. Yeah right. We aren't allowed to use the gym mats anymore for obvious reasons. No problem. I got my workout mat. A red one so mine is even cooler looking. And for jump ropes? No problem there too. I think I have like 8 of them. Anyway, I can't wait and so excited when the gym opens again. I gained some weight since being hunkered down not using the gym equipment so I wasn't burning as much without the use of them.

News flash!! Just read this latest news just this minute!! Woohoo! Hair salons and barber shops are now allowed to open as of 12 midnight tonight!!! Oh yeah!!! Life is complete I'll call in sick if I have to but I will get a haircut tomorrow if my Salon is open. Of course the same bs blah blah social distancing blah blah is to be taken. Let's see if my hairstylist has 6' long scissors and clippers. How they gonna wash my hair? With a garden hose? lol. But omg!! No more tickly ears!!!

More news flash!! The owner of the gyms I go to has good news tomorrow morning. I'm guessing they are opening up again!!! Woohoo!! I love it!!! Heck yeah!!!

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