La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-26 04:51:40 (UTC)

Holding my breath!

Today is extreamly hot 32° and is not as bad as other days. I miss those days where the only thing you would worry about would be having to wait enough time after eating before going back in to water oh that cool spring water was the best. We would swim for hours but one thing that I still do when I go swimming is try to sink down slowly holding my breath for as long as I can and open my eyes under the still water feeling like time had been still. Not a worry in the world day dreaming of a far away feuture... what a great feeling of peace and stillness.
Then I rush back for a fresh air. That's what this staying home has been like except that at this point I feel like I can no longer hold my breath I need to go swimming soon be near the ocean and listen to the waves break. Feeling the sand beneath my feet and enjoying the small things that make everything feel right again.

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