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2020-05-26 16:57:56 (UTC)

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Here are my songs are for the Country Playlist:

Luke Bryan Lyrics
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album: "I'll Stay Me" (2007)
All My Friends Say
Baby's On The Way
The Car In Front Of Me
Pray About Everything
We Rode In Trucks
I'll Stay Me
My First Love Song
Country Man
Over The River
You Make Me Want To
Tackle Box
album: "Doin' My Thing" (2009)
Rain Is A Good Thing
Doin' My Thing
Do I
What Country Is
Someone Else Calling You Baby
Welcome To The Farm
Every Time I See You
Chuggin' Along
I Did It Again
Drinkin' Beer And Wastin' Bullets
EP: "Spring Break 2... Hangover Edition" (2010)
Wild Weekend
Cold Beer Drinker
I'm Hungover
EP: "Spring Break 3... It's A Shore Thing" (2011)
In Love With The Girl
If You Ain't Here To Party
It's A Shore Thing
Love In A College Town
album: "Tailgates & Tanlines" (2011)
Country Girl (Shake It For Me)
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Drunk On You
Too Damn Young
Don't Want This Night To End
You Don't Know Jack
Harvest Time
I Know You're Gonna Be There
Muckalee Creek Water
Tailgate Blues
Been There, Done That
Faded Away
I Knew You That Way
That Don't Just Happen
(Bonus Track)
EP: "Spring Break 4... Suntan City" (2012)
Suntan City
Spring Break-Up
Little Bit Later On
Shake The Sand Off The Sheets
compilation: "Spring Break... Here To Party" (2013)
Suntan City
Just A Sip
If You Ain't Here To Party
Little Bit Later On
In Love With The Girl
Shore Thing
Sorority Girl
Shake The Sand
Love In A College Town
Wild Weekend
Cold Beer Drinker
Spring Break-Up
Take My Drunk Ass Home
album: "Crash My Party" (2013)
That's My Kind Of Night
Beer In The Headlights
Crash My Party
Roller Coaster
We Run This Town
Drink A Beer
I See You
Goodbye Girl
Play It Again
Blood Brothers
Out Like That
Shut It Down
Dirt Road Diary
What Is It With You
(Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Sunburnt Lips
(Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Better Than My Heart
(Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Your Mama Should've Named You Whiskey
(Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
EP: "Spring Break 6... Like We Ain't Ever" (2014)
She Get Me High
Like We Ain't Ever
Night One
Are You Leaving With Him
Good Lookin' Girl
The Sand I Brought To The Beach
EP: "Spring Break...Checkin' Out" (2015)
My Ol' Bronco
She Get Me High
Spring Breakdown
Good Lookin' Girl
Checkin' Out
You And The Beach
Night One
Like We Ain't Ever
The Sand I Brought To The Beach
Are You Leaving With Him
album: "Kill The Lights" (2015)
Kick The Dust Up
Kill The Lights
Strip It Down
Home Alone Tonight
Razor Blade
Just Over
Love It Gone
Way Way Back
To The Moon And Back
Huntin', Fishin' And Lovin' Every Day
Corner Booth
(Target Bonus Track)
(Target Bonus Track)
EP: "Farm Tour: Here's To The Farmer" (2016)
I Do All My Dreamin' There
Here's To The Farmer
Love Me In A Field
You Look Like Rain
Southern Gentleman
album: "What Makes You Country" (2017)
What Makes You Country
Out Of Nowhere Girl
Light It Up
Most People Are Good
Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset
Bad Lovers
Drinking Again
Land Of A Million Songs
Like You Say You Do
Hooked On It
She's A Hot One
Hungover In A Hotel Room
Pick It Up
Driving This Thing
Win Life
album: "Born Here Live Here Die Here" (2020)
Knockin' Boots
What She Wants Tonight
Born Here Live Here Die Here
One Margarita
other songs:
Favorite Flowers
Five O'Clock Angel
Good Directions
I Don't Know If I Can Do That
Kind Of Pretty I Like
O Holy Night
Small Town Favorite
Stuck On You
Ya'll Can Have This Town
Your Goodbye Wasn't Good Enough
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Nickelback Lyrics
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album: "Curb" (1996)
Little Friend
Falls Back On
Sea Groove
Just For
Window Shopper
I Don't Have
album: "The State" (2000)
Cowboy Hat
Leader Of Men
Old Enough
Worthy To Say
Diggin' This
One Last Run
Not Leavin' Yet
Hold Out Your Hand

album: "Silver Side Up" (2001)
Never Again
How You Remind Me
Woke Up This Morning
Too Bad
Just For
Money Bought
Where Do I Hide
Good Times Gone

album: "The Long Road" (2003)
Flat On The Floor
Do This Anymore
Believe It Or Not
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
Because Of You
Figured You Out
Should've Listened
Throw Yourself Away
Another Hole In The Head
See You At The Show
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
(Amazon / Best Buy / Wal-Mart Special Editions Bonus Track)
Yanking Out My...
(Amazon / Best Buy / Wal-Mart Special Editions Bonus Track)
Learn The Hard Way
(Amazon / Best Buy / Wal-Mart Special Editions Bonus Track)
Slow Motion
(Japanese Edition Bonus Track)
album: "All The Right Reasons" (2005)
Follow You Home
Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
Savin' Me
Far Away
Next Contestant
Side Of A Bullet
If Everyone Cared
Someone That You're With
album: "Dark Horse" (2008)
Something In Your Mouth
Burn It To The Ground
Gotta Be Somebody
I'd Come For You
Next Go Round
Just To Get High
Never Gonna Be Alone
Shakin' Hands
If Today Was Your Last Day
This Afternoon
album: "Here And Now" (2011)
This Means War
Bottoms Up
When We Stand Together
Midnight Queen
Gotta Get Me Some
Kiss It Goodbye
Trying Not To Love You
Holding On To Heaven
Everything I Wanna Do
Don't Ever Let It End
album: "No Fixed Address" (2014)
Million Miles An Hour
Edge Of A Revolution
What Are You Waiting For?
She Keeps Me Up
Make Me Believe Again
Get 'Em Up
The Hammer's Coming Down
Miss You
Got Me Runnin' Round
Sister Sin
album: "Feed The Machine" (2017)
Feed The Machine
Coin For The Ferryman
Song On Fire
Must Be Nice
After The Rain
For The River
The Betrayal (Act III)
Silent Majority
Every Time We're Together
other songs:
Dirty Laundry
In Front Of Me