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2020-05-26 16:44:26 (UTC)

Kim X Paolo Part 1:

From My Girl TV show:

10-10-2013: First Meet/ Paolo Meets Kim:
Kim: Thanks Amber.
Amber (Chienna F: Amber is a sister of Kim):You're welcome.
Kim: Okay, Sis! (hugs)
Amber: (hug)
(Kim just felled into the ground)
Paolo: Kimberly!
Kim: Paul!
10-11-2013: Amber makes fun of Paolo:
Amber: Umm, I think you should not to kiss Kim.
Paolo: No.
Kimberly: Okay Paolo, You have to back off me, and have the great 13 years of World.
Paolo: No way Kim.
10-14-2013: Boys vs Girls:
Amber: Look Shelby to be honest, I have to get rid of Kim, because she has the best love!
Shelby: Great Amber.

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