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2020-05-26 06:06:08 (UTC)

Morning breakfast 😊

I scheduled a one vacation day off to extend my long weekend here. It was a holiday yesterday and I wanted to make the most of it so I took one more day off. Loving it!! I don't have to login to work so I can just relax. Today I could get up as late as I wanted to but my body wakes up at 6AM? Really?! SMH. So I figure I may as well get up and have breakfast outside at the back patio. It's still cool enough so I get to enjoy the backyard for a bit before it gets too hot. And by breakfast, I mean cereal with fat free milk. Coffee freshly ground coffee of course with the usual stick of cinnamon.

So here I am outside and it's like the birds all of a sudden turned up their bird chirping volume. Didn't realize they were this loud. haha. I'm usually inside the house when I hear them but I guess I rarely sit in the back patio table this early in the morning. Most of the flowers are done blooming for now except for one bush and I can smell them. Jasmine I believe. So yeah, that puts me in my relaxed state and it's private enough back here so I'm in my boxer briefs and shirt. I'd go lay on the hammock but then I won't be able to drink my coffee. Checked my messages and sent my usual morning greetings to my friends out there.

I invited a few friends over for lunch. I bought a bag of frozen chicken wings from Costco the other day so I need help eating them. Didn't realize there were so many until I tried to stick the bag in the freezer. Did some practice cooking them yesterday and it came out great. From frozen to hot wings in 30 min in the hot air fryer. No frying so it's as healthy as a hot wings can be. Still crispy too. I used Frank's buffalo wing hot sauce. sprinkled some seasoning before pouring on the sauce and it came out pretty good and way cheaper than at the restaurants.

I still need to work on cleaning a little bit more today. Yesterday, I was able to clean up my bedroom, both bathrooms, and the pool table room. So the kitchen and family room are it. The other two bedrooms aren't used to so need to do anything there. My landscaper should be coming by tomorrow to do my landscaping. Poor guys, it's gonna be hot. Glad I hired someone to do that.

It's almost payday too!! Woohoo!! Managed to unintentionally save about a grand this month. So while staying home more isn't as fun as going out, you sure do save a lot of money.

That's it for now. I could do a 9:30AM gym session but we'll see how I feel when the time comes. Not a morning jump around and workout type of guy.

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