Experienced Life
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2020-05-25 22:53:44 (UTC)

Got my wine. Got my life tip 😅

Oh yeah. Having some white wine (not being racist, lol ). A Pino Grigio from MiraFlores winery in California. Truck clean and feeling petty good now. Belly is full from dinner. I already had 2 or maybe 3 glasses of wine. Yeah.. all good. So.. got some drama today and that sucked. Not something I wanted or needed and it reminds me of a life tip.

Maybe a little ying-yang, karma, or whatever you'd call it. My tip is that you will get from the world what you give or spew out. If you are giving or doing good things with good intentions, you will get that back too. Dwell in negativity, well then you can't complain. You will get back the same crap you dish out. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Give good and you will receive good. Give bad and life will give bad right back into your face. Usually with interest. Don't look at others to blame. Look within yourself because deep down, you know you did it to yourself.

So if you are one full of hate, sadness, or devious acts, no matter how smart you think you are, thrive on bucking the system and give out goodness in lieu of the ugliness you are wanting to give back to the world. That's the only way to win. Like ET used to say. "Be good". Easy enough if you follow it.