La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-05-26 02:33:58 (UTC)

Lost in translation.

How is it that you bring out the best in me? Is as if all these things that are there have been just waiting to be spoken of.
As if time hold still inside my brain just waiting for the right time to be spoken of.
Like an old love letter and the smell of an old unread book just waiting for his reader. Did I ever told you I have a 100 year book that I open to read but the lenguage is to old to even find some of it's words meaning? Well that's how I feel sometimes like my way of thinking or feeling is in a difrent time frame so for you to read me my body lenguage my thoughts and fits. Blows my mind away and I feel like I have found my dictionary. I love you!