La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-05-26 02:20:16 (UTC)

You bring out the best in me.

The hight light of my day was your messenger massage today showing me what you where doing. I was surprised because we had already said we were not going to swnd any more messages. I also found out am not the only one who erases her messages after we write. I guess we are both intrested in keeping our marriages.
Well I've never been divorce before thank goodness because after having four of my best girlfriends go trough that I'm not about to go there.
Any ways you may want to judge but nobody is allowed to when you don't know the facts behind any love story. And the irony behind the whole story is that destiny played us a funny joke..
Some how it seemed as we would end up together and didn't no matter what.
Maybe neither of us was ready for eachother or our children had to be here before it all.
You told me you'd give anything for us to go camping alone under the stars.
I felt excited and trilled that you still want things like that to hapen for us when they never did.
I on the other hand love to know we still feed on eachother and make eachother feel the way we do I love you for that because without you my life would probably had already been broken.
The thing is no body knows me the way you do. You understand every flaw and mistake and all the wonderful things that make me me. I have that with no one your the only one on earth who knows my most deepest secrets don't worry they aren't that many just enough to keep you whoever you are intrested.
Thank you for that, for loving me regardless of my ugliness and beauty. Thank you for bringing balamce to my life away from my not to perfect life. I love you!

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