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2020-05-25 13:06:54 (UTC)

Pulled an all nighter 🥱

Stayed up all night. Yup, pretending to be like the big boys. I was just chatting with a fellow friend on this site that is oh so very popular. Nice to compare notes sometimes and just getting to know the person even more. Very refreshing. It makes the person behind the diary seem to pop out more now that I'm getting to know this person. It's also jut great insight from another diary owner.
Never can have enough friends I say.

Today, my flowers really bloomed. The water level in the vase dropped like 4 inches. Those roses were really thirsty. I learned how to pick them when they're pre-blooming stage and not a bloomed flower that just got the petals peeled to look like it's fresh. So yup, once again waking up to smell the roses. Nice to say and to also literally be able to do so.

Bleh... It's going to be a white wine type of night for sure but that's for tonight. It's errand day today. Today's workout will also be a tough workout too because I really sweat a lot already as it is. The heat will kill me like that wicked witch at the end of Wizard of Oz screaming "I'm melting!". I'd prefer to be sweating in bed doing the nasty with someone but oh well, that'll have to wait. hehe. 👿

Making my pre-workout drink to start off with a bang. I swear, this thing is like legal crack.It's a cure to being a lazy ass. It gives you that extra energy to go through a tough workout but instead, I'm drinking it to get me to do my errands. I also need another 4,500 jump ropes to do by Wed. My goal anyway. ugh...

The name of the powder is called Alpha Gx7 pre-workout. It's a powder. It'll light your ass up for sure. I promise. I wouldn't take it if you have a heart condition though.

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