London Life
2020-05-25 20:23:21 (UTC)

The Coronavirus shambles

A beautiful sunny Bank Holiday, another chance to enjoy many beautiful slim young ladies wearing short summer dresses and skirts (one or two were see-through) or shorts with their bums just poking out, much sexy cleavage on display and a few bikinis (one thong) in evidence. We were going to cycle to Battersea Park, but after we started along the canal, Jack suggested cycling via Maida Vale.

We stopped briefly at the cafe in Hyde Park, then we got as far as St James's Park where we stopped to listen to Domimic Cummings giving a press conference on the BBC. (It so happened we were only a few hundred metres from where he was, in the Downing Street garden). He claimed that his visit to Barnard Castle - when the Government instruction was simply "Stay at Home" - was a test to see if he was fit enough to travel, despite it not being in the direction of London. And even if he thought the initial trip was allowable, why did he return to London anyway, rather than work remotely? He said he went for a walk "on a wood on his father's land" which undermines his claim to be against the "elite".

Confidence in the Government has fallen apart anyway in the last ten days or so, with confusing messaging and the realisation that neighbouring countries are emerging from lockdowns. The only countries who've fared as badly as the UK are those led by further afield anti-democatic populists such as Orban, Putin, Modi, Trump and Bolsanaro.

The UK was slow to act in the first place, apparently relying on the concept of herd immunity. There was no contact tracing, and testing was abandoned early on, despite the WHO saying this was the answer, and after South Korea had succesfully implemented the tactic. There has been a shortage of PPE and ventilators and chances were missed to order these, often for idealistic or anti-EU reasons. A pandemic simulation in 2016 foretell this situation, illustrating the position brought about by years of Tory spending cuts, which had already left hospitals struggling to keep up with operations, and left already-stretched services unable to cope with sudden additional requirements.