London Life
2020-05-24 22:04:42 (UTC)

Dominic Cummings, Doctor Who, me and other girls.

We had no plan for today - we're saving our bike ride for the Bank Holiday tomorrow. I finally gave up on the idea of selling my Doctor Who magazines; it's not worth the trouble for the amount of money I'd get, so I've put them all back in the book shelf. As for the DVDs, if I'm not watching them in the lockdown I'm probably never going to look at them again. But 've put the ones I like back on display in the bedroom, with the early ones hidden and most of the 1980s ones probably on their way to Oxfam when they re-open.

I thought we'd catch up with a lot of DVDs during the lockdown, but we're only watching one or two hours of telly each day, mostly news and documentaries. We're currently watching a ten-part history of England (actually first broadcast in 2010) told through the story of one village in Leicestershire. We've had the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Normans already.

We went out at 15:30 and my intention was to walk up to Maida Vale, but Jack wanted food, so diverted to get snacks at a stall in Inverness Street and the Co-op, and sat in Regent's Park.

I enjoyed looking at various slim young ladies who'd been playing sport and were still in their little games skirts, including one on a scooter who's red sport-micro-dress was fluttering daringly around her bum. Another girl was sexily playing volleyball in her normal mini-skirt. But one lass sitting on the pavement in Parkway was too blatently and uncaringly showing her knickers for that to be interesting.

I tried sending some pictures of myself to Guy but I don't know if they got sent. In the end I'd just grabbed a few from social media "tags" of me, including some where I'd tarted myself up a bit, but others not too flattering, for balance. Meanwhile we were expecting Johnson to announce the resignation of Dominic Cummings who has appalled even Tory MPs by ignoring no less than three of the lockdown instructions, but he's staying on. Seems he's too important to Johnson, his three-word slogans having struck a chord with those voters who don't pay attention to anything more detailed.