Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2020-05-24 19:43:57 (UTC)

Emotional Harmony

Life is so much better now that I found my purpose. And like what I said, I could still have another one, but I don't have to wonder, worry and wait for it, anymore. I can just live in each moment, each day, with such inner peace and contentment. There is little to no joy, passion or excitement in my life, but there is also little to no stress, fear and anger. I am balanced, centered, in harmony with the universe - one with the Tao? Maybe. I'm not perfect, though... So, I will have moments with all these emotions. That's fine. I'm not very happy, but I'm not wallowing in the depths of despair. I guess this is Acceptance? This could go on for a while. I miss fire, passion, romance and joy... but, oh well. This is a phase of my life for different things. "There is a season, turn, turn, turn... ." "And a time to every purpose under heaven. " You can't make those things happen - they come to you when they come to you. I'm lucky I had them all, once... Now, I'm crying while writing this, but I love crying... it's the best release of overwhelming emotion. And besides that... it's much easier to go from crying to laughing, than from being angry to laughing. I hate anger. Depression may be second... Or stress. Sadness may actually be an emotion I like... in small doses, of course. These days, I even only like happiness in small doses. Any emotion is overwhelming to me, good or bad.

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