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2020-05-24 08:51:27 (UTC)

Yay!! Getting my world back 😁

Just heard the news!!!!! Malls, restaurants, and other things are opening back up again!!! I didn't hear all of it but this means I can start doing a lot of things in person very soon. Friends will be within spitting distance again (Wrong words but hey). More social gatherings and having people once again laughing at the stupidest things that seem to come out of me. Of course me trying not to get into mischief...again. lol. I already know Heidi and the gang will have things to do every weekend till probably the end of the year!! ☺️. Maybe my Sis and I can still make a vaca trip or two. Maybe. Dunno. Hawaii may be back on the table.

I hope that they opened up the hair salons. Not sure if that is open yet so I'll just drive to the one I've been going to for years just to see. Funny the ladies there know me and they even remember all that we gossips about. Even ex gfs. Funny stuff. They're like bartenders I tell you. They must have the juiciest gossip about all the customers they take care of. Here is the hair stylist that cuts my hair. Cute huh? My friend has a thing for Asians. He'd go bonkers if she did his hair. haha.

Lots of other errands to do. Going to the hand car wash place and the Under Armor outlet store. If I get my truck washed, I'll hand wax it myself at home with two coats. Takes forever to do but it's also relaxing in a way and my truck comes out looking awesome. I use something called 303 protectant for the interior and outside plastic. Armour all tire shine works the best on my tires to add to the bling-blinginess.

Tonight, I'll be in the family room I'm sure watching TV but I'll have my fishing rods getting it all set up for fishing. Charging up my gopro and my fish finder batteries. House could use some freshening up too. Got my flowers yesterday though. Real ones. No fake plastic stuff. So I can say I woke up and smelled the roses alright :)

Even before Covid, I didn't take things for granted. Already knew the value of life. So I'm going to go out there and enjoy it. Just hope I don't get myself into too much trouble. Kinda hard for people out there see you smiling because we still got the mask thing going on but I got ways around that.

I did some foam rolling last night. It hurt as expected. This morning, I self assessed my body and no pain anywhere!! Woohoo! Checked my side core and my butt for pain and nope, none. All good. In fact, they're nice and hard when I just barely flex them a little. So yeah, butt is ripe for squeezing. haha. Still got that outer layer of fat on my core but under that layer, I can feel my muscles are nice and firm too and the fat is not enough to hide some of my definitions I earned. 🦵

If I'd just stop messing around with the food I know is not good for me, I'd be a happier camper by now. Meh. But no, the force is just too strong in wine. The vineyards, friends, cheese, sun, date night? Yeah, my kryptonite. Then of course you have to bottle up all that fun and buy a case (or three) home so you can still enjoy the nectar of the Gods. Only two other things I desire as much as wine. Coffee of course and... 😈. Nuff said. For the last one, rumor has it that it takes as long as how long my coffee take to brew. 3 minutes? haha. Inside joke.

Speaking of dating, maybe I should get my ass out there again. Maybe... Still not sure. But those moments are pretty cool. Especially when it's maybe a few dates in. Going out to dinner picking a woman up at her house (some trust earned). I can see. I got lady friends and know what they do to dress up. I can see the new or favorite heels that they put on just for me. I know and see the extra effort they put on their eyebrows making sure every hair is lined up. I know those eyelashes aren't all natural and the money spent to have those long lushes lashes batting at me. My friend spends so much money on eye lashes so yeah, I see and appreciate them. I know the dress you wore took awhile to select. Wanting to further impress or tantalize me but not look like a whore and give me the wrong signals. But I'm a guy so it don't matter but I see the attempt. haha. I see those earrings that sparkle and the effort you put in to make it match your dress, shoes, purse, and even fingernail polish. I see that hair that I know you spent some time fixing up and how shiny it looks. I smell that perfume you wear and I know it's your favorite. Yes, I can see the effort. That's why when I first hold your hand, and maybe that first kiss, I do so with gratitude and with the knowledge of you putting in so much effort making my first gesture oh holding hands or that first kiss not just robotic efforts, but with my aura or feelings passing through my fingers to yours or my lips placed so delicately on yours sending jolts from your lips zapping you in places we can't discuss on the first few dates but later confessing more sexier details of what you felt. Yeah, I miss those moments. But Gosh dang!! I'm so picky because I also want a mind that can keep up with me (well, a body that can keep up in bed too haha) and I can't and refuse to go out with gym members because that's a separate basket in life that I want to keep separate. That's a separate happy place for me

Oh well, no rush I guess. Alone is not lonely. Some peeps don't understand this but my state of mind is in peace and I still wake up with a smile. I won't wake up one day with someone feeling trapped. That person in my future will still make me smile when I wake up first thing in the morning. That's my goal and I'm sticking with it. 🙂

Coffee is almost done so this post is about to end too. That's how long my posts usually is by the way. Depends on how many cups of coffee I have. Enjoy the weekend for peeps with the extended weekend due to a U.S. holiday, enjoy. For the rest of you? Sorry, sucks to be you :) kidding. Don't forget to smile like a lunatic wherever you are. Remember, the muscle memory of smiling will fool your brain into thinking you're happy and send happy chemicals out to your body. No kidding!! Like kids would say here "For reals!". 🤪