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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-24 13:31:16 (UTC)

Endorphins is key!

A lot of people that know me think I have it all figured out. They find out one thing about me and they wonder how am I happy with all that is wrong in my life. Well the anwser is simple. When you've gone trough hell and back you learn to smile regarless of the circumstances because they don't define you. Everything you do or hapens to you is a response of any action. So the sooner I learned this I began making better calls. Like for example in stead of complainig about my pant's not fitting any more I choose to stop drinking sugar loaded drinks and more water. If I dislike something in my life no matter what it is their is always a way to make it better.
I enjoy feeling happy and I always see a good thing in the bad no matter what. I know is hard to understand but somehow I been having more people that understand this in my life be part of it. My family always makes fun of me they tell me am crazy that I live in a bubble far from reality and the real world they can't understand how I live with 2 chronic illness and still manage to be happy all the time I just anwser Endorphins is the key and smile!

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