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Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-05-24 04:41:09 (UTC)

The first time I learned to ..

The first time I learned to drive a pick up truck I was going the ranch house with my father Inwas 12 years old but fairly tall kid so my dad asked me if I knew how to drive and I anwsered well in the super mario karts game I kick my brothers butt all the time he laugh out loud so hard I can still hear him.
He then turned of the truck got of and walked across the drivers side and said... scutt over your learning how to drive today. My jaw dropped to the floor I was so excited, i reached the peddles just fine ans had a general idea as what to do. Bit for my dad to deposit that level of trust on me was so cool.
He told me how to push the clutch in and the break at the same time then put the gear in 1st then when on to explaining what to do next. The truck killed like 4 times before I cpuld egnite. I was so nervous. I finally after so many times of failling managed to make it moved fowars and began to pick up speed slowly then in went 2nd gear rhen 3erd and then 2nd again in till we reached our d final destination. I will never forget that man's lesson in being so patient with me and making that moment our. After all he did had 15 children so in that moment I felt my own my fathers doughter.