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me and my life
2020-05-24 08:58:18 (UTC)

Mental Irriration

Today i'm very irritated. I feel irritation of everything mess around he house, khachra sticking my feets, clothes, my hair, food, adjusting on bed every damn thing. I'm also feeling angry on life, Monku, myself and everything which has happened to me. Maybe because i'm PMSing or what i dont know. But this lock down has really pissed me off. I want to go out and have a normal life why has it become so difficult. wnat to look good, go to work and make money and have a simple life.
Ill watch a good movie to make myself better
BTW my niece is giving us a tough time. she stays awake whole night and sleep whole day. has fucked up our schedule. but I love doing for her. If I would have married I would have had a daughter like her. she is a daughter to me. but now, I don't know when will i get married when will i have babies. Life has fucked up. I will never forgive M for doing this to me. he will surely pay for it karma also he will realize his mistake very soon. I have been dong nothing productive these days. my steering wheel stock is also rotting. I don't know what m i gonna do with that.I just have no clarity about anything. How do I sell them??? Paid promotion? but i don't think this is right time to invest in paid promotion. I guess i need to wait for few months. lets see. now i have left everything on god. he suerly has better plans for me.lets see what plans he has.

Cya alll