Do Not Disturb

2020-05-24 08:32:36 (UTC)

Fuck You Too Then ! 🖕

I responded to this guy's yolo on Snapchat because it said to describe him in 3 words and I said cute, Handsome, Fine. He told me thanks and to slide up on snapchat. He wanted to know my name and wanted to see a picture of me amd so I did just that. But afterwards, I told him how I thought he was very cute ever since, high school actually and he deleted me as a friend because it said chats are pending till blah, blah, blah adds you back. He really hurted my feelings when he did that. I guess he knew who I was. I don't know. Some guy he is. 🙄

Am I really that ugly for a guy to delete me when they see a picture of me ?

This random guy had added me on snapchat and texted me today saying hey. I responded with three question marks because I didn't know who he was and then he deleted me as a friend because it said pending till he adds me back.

And then I check to see that JC was no longer my friend on Snapchat because I viewed what I posted on my story to see how many people viewed it and it said other snapchatters. I don't know. But then it said I could still text him. Not like the last guy who deleted me and said it was pendin. And after we just sexted each other back and forth for the past month almost. And I let him call me baby. Now you see how guys treat me. He always say he have to go to sleep afterwards. He never text me during the day. Only at night because he's "tired" and he works. Also the only conversations we have had is ONLY about sex. I don't even think we ever had a conversation where it wasn't about sex. Maybe twice but that's it and the rest was just sex. And only sex. And I don't even bring it up. For the most part.

- A

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