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2020-05-24 07:02:53 (UTC)

Lick Her-You Do It!

Lick Her

There is a lot that I am just figuring out. After weeks of late night insomnia I coaxed my body through exhaustion and alcohol to let me sleep naturally. For 2 hrs at a time. So during the 2nd stint of twos I roll this prize winning barf! In the cup in the bowl. No dropsies no mess. This is where it gets technical

Politely I have no stomach acid.
The bubble was like being pregnant and the physical hinge on my throat could take no more. It was scary because my stomach felt frozen. 🍝 No motility No churning just it refused to process the food while I was sleeping and I had to expell it.

Now lets get to yo mama comes around the corner and licks it up. No one can beat their mom. Its philosophically impossible. For what it is and who we are its a real bad road to go down. But I think I managed well. A rogue piece of trash mail brought us together and I had a long think about her roll in my current situation. Flags like Chelsea on Facebook and Maurice on Christmas support this theory. I have to Teddy Pendergrass her ass. Just let it go. Looks like another love TKO. There are things that you need out of a matriarch. My inlaws and nieces got that. Now with a lump in my throat and some serious scrutiny there was a market for what "happened" to me. So with this new pattern of no stimuli clarity let me relay what I have seen.

Its disgusting but people play with breasts and eyes while you are sleeping. I really was kidnapped, and forced through high school. I really was trapped, confused and forced to Europe.

The current hoarde is so low that I don't even rank as human. It's a detective dump. A list of violent crimes in the 90s that some nerds wanted to dress up. This inhumane amount of electricity is disrupting my breathing, sleeping and digestion. Even though it helps mental clarity and bowel motility.

Yes I am injured. As a result of years of not being able to focus on my feelings, my involvement. I was a "thing" to "do". And basically my folks are comped for a not at fault accident. So regardless of the tinnitus and bleeding and everyday sickness since Europe. Regardless of the s--- and the n*** g***, I'm about as free as I can be right now. I will try to get my footing and press on.

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