Carrie notes
2020-05-24 04:33:33 (UTC)

My Run In With Don Paradis

I don't know why but Don Paradis has been on my mind lately! It has really been driving me crazy. So I prayed about it hoping that if I turned my thoughts over to God I would find the answer.
Yesterday after I prayed on my problem the night before I ran into Don Paradis at Walmart of all places. Of course what went through my mind was oh no manipulation and control if he sees me. What I did was walk right by him and say hi how are you? It was the nicest thing I could do since he was in the isle I needed to be in.
Then today I he called me wanting to know if I was home. Of course I had to go to the dollar store so I told him that's where I was after I prayed about him again last night. What is it with him piping in to my life now? What is God trying to tell me?
Yesterday when he wanted to come over I told him we were on lockdown and I couldn't let him in the building unless he was on a list. Today he asked if I put him on the list yet.... I hate to say it but Don Paradis don't run my life!

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