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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-24 03:54:56 (UTC)

Ice glaccier in AK.

There was a time where my father walked in my bedroom without knocking and found me sobbing on my pillow. The reason i was crying if because my springbreak puppy love had broken my heart or at least I thought he did.
So I told my dad I was crying because I missed my best friend Kristal who lived all across the US from me in AK.
I was blown away when my dad offered to pay my ticket to go visit her that 1997 summer when I turned 15.
One of the best summers of my life...filled with the excitment of traveling all by myself across the country to a place I had only seen in National Geographic magazines.
Kristal and her family where very excited to have me there for the entire summer. Did I mentioned it does not get dark durimg summer in alaska? Darnest thing ever to be wide awake at 2 am and is clear like a dim light and we would stay hours talking about boys and the things we liked about them, who and why we thought so and so was a good person to want to go out with. Etc.
I never in my life would have picture our lives and the way they turned out to be. She has been my best friend for 25 years now and we havent seen eachother for over 10.
She married a man from Ak has 7 beautiful children and has a beautiful life. I do to.
That summer we went camping near the iceglaccier in the most high and beautiful mountains. We went ice skating for the first time and fell a thousand times before getting the hang of it. We visited the Anchorage Zoo. Went to the Ocean side and saw the oil stuck in the rocks from a oil spill a few years back. Best time ever. I would never trade my trip for a quinceñeara never.