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2020-05-23 22:44:31 (UTC)

Asian Men Are Very Cute

Thursday night I stayed up until 12:30. It's because I started drinking a couple 24's of Labatts at 10:00 when "To Tell The Truth" came on. I got none of them right. Lol. Is it weird that for the Kung-fu masters, I thought the 2 younger men were cute? Especially the one who turned out to just have a martial arts studio? I don't know if it started with Joji or what, but looks-wise my thing this year has been Asian or half-Asian men. Well, last year, before I found out about Filthy Frank and/or Joji (I kind of discovered both at the same time, oddly enough.) I had a small crush on this guy at a coffee shop who was Asian. I don't get to see him anymore because I can't go in the coffee shop because of this stupid virus.

My husband was Native American, specifically Cherokee. Some people would ask me if he was half-japanese. Not many people can recognize Native Americans, but I have learned how since being with my husband - even some different tribes. Like, I know the difference between Navajo and Cherokee. Navajo people are beautiful, but Cherokee people are beautiful AND cute... though, I am biased. Lol.

Chakotay on Star Trek:Voyager is gorgeous. The actor that plays him, Robert Beltran, is Mexican, but I think he is part Mayan, as well. Mexicans ARE Native American, anyways. They may have Spanish mixed in a little, but Spanish people, actually from Spain, are white. Or, off-white. Lol. I know that Spain, Italy and Greece are part of Europe, but they are more tan and I would consider them Mediterranean. I would also consider Lebanese people Mediterranean because sometimes they look Greek, somewhat. They don't look Middle-eastern to me. Maybe Israel, too, would be Mediterranean.

Here's something I don't get: India is part of Asia, right? So, are Indians Asian? Because to me, they don't look Asian. They also dont look Middle-Eastern to me. Like, they just look Indian, to me. And to be fair, Asian countries look different from each other. I can sometimes tell Koreans, Japanese and Chinese people apart. (But, not Vietnamese and Chinese. Sorry. Please don't be offended. I'm white and I'll say this... ALL Swedish people look alike. Like, seriously, they do. I'm not Swedish, though either. Lol. Now, I pissed off 3 different people's. Eek.) They have different face shapes and Japanese people don't have as slanty of eyes. To be fair, there's some white countries that have "slanty" eyes, often. Norwegian, usually and Ireland.

The singer Bjork, is from Iceland and I used to think she was half-Asian, but no, that's the kind of eyes Iceland has too.

So, to get to my point (though, this whole entry is a tangent now and I may get to my original point I was going to make in the next entry), I think Native Americans and Asians have a somewhat similar look? If not, then it is 2 different exotic looks I like.

And I often do like half-Asian men and I'm not sure why. If it's because they are part Irish, then that makes sense, because Irish people are adorable. Lol. A lot of people thought my husband was just white, possibly Irish. He did resemble Jim Kerr, the lead singer of Simple Minds quite a bit and he is Irish... but, was raised in Scotland, so has that accent... And it comes out in his singing here and there and is sexy as hell. Anyways...

I've also heard my husband resembled David Duchovny and I do see it, somewhat and I think David Duchovny is Russian-jewish, though I'd have to look it up.

So, he had a whole lot of stuff going on!

He did have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and somewhat light skin, though he tanned well. I have seen Cherokee people and my husband had the same facial features and facial shape as them. People didn't believe him when he said he was at least 75% Cherokee. I can't prove it in this journal, but he definitely looked Cherokee! It was his hair and eye color that was misleading. That was the little bit of British and Irish coming through.

It's amazing... I'm only about 25% Scottish, but I have seen people from Scotland who very much resemble me and/or who I very much resemble. I suppose that could mean my husband could have been less Cherokee than what he said, but who cares? Maybe he was like the dad in that movie Big Fish who loved to tell tall tales. Funnily enough, my husband loved that movie.

I don't know where this entry went! Lol. Joji has one of the cutest faces and as far as I can tell... personalities on the planet.

Daniel Henney is ridiculously good-looking. He's half-Korean. The worst I can say about him, because I don't know him, is that he seems boring. Or am I judging him by his looks? Because someone who is that good-looking can't have a good personality? Or, an interesting one? I don't know. Lol.

Sean Lennon is freaking cute. He seems cool and I love his second album. It's excellent. And he supported my girl Tulsi! I know most famous people are liberals and I don't care, as long as I like their art and they seem to be a decent person. I would say I lean slightly to the right, but I really liked Tulsi.

Other cute Asian (Or half-Asian men):
John Cho
Adam Young Bosch (what's up with the black power rangers being such cuties? Because i like the original one, as well. Lol. I don't know about the rest of them, though... I stopped watching power rangers after the alien rangers. Anyone remember that? I actually don't remember it that much. Lol.)

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of, for now.

This entry was really, really pointless, but I had fun writing it, going off on my crazy tangents!

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