London Life
2020-05-23 22:38:55 (UTC)

Plant growing

Yesterday Jack went to see both his parents, not strictly allowed, but he kept his distance, and he had to sort out their phone connections. I chatted to Elisa for an hour and 20 minutes, but made slow progress on the Top 100 because again the template won't save. I'm having to transfer the data, page by page, to the week 21 file.

I wasn't as fast on my run as in recent days, because I'd been eating bulky food - wholemeal rolls Jack didn't want, and chips he bought, which I cooked in the oven but still were disappointing. Not something we normally buy, but Jack seems to have turned into a person who buys food because it's reduced in price.

I ran to Regent's Park, then to see sexy Rebecca who's offered me some cauliflower and tomato plants because she's running out of room on her balcony. She obvs isn't getting to do any modelling at the moment, but her boyfriend is working so they've got some income. It was good to chat with her and to cement our friendship.

The plant holder was heavier than expected but I managed to get it home by resting a few times on the way. Now we just need to remember to keep checking the plants and watering them, as well as giving the tomatoes enough room. I met Jack at the station and we stopped for a bit by the Gasholder.

It's been sunny for days, but it rained this morning for probably the first time since the lockdown, which made me realise how glad I am it's been sunny during this period.

I had my Zoom chat with Islington people, caught up with the news, then we walked down to Granary Square after Jack went to the chemist and the photo-copy shop, and we just sat there, and at Gasholder Park, for ages, watching the children and dogs playing.

At home we had another Allplants dish, then Jack started watching his sister's boyfriend do a live gig. It was pointless as he only did covers, and it was embarrassingly poor, so Jack got me to go out to get him some buns, but the Co-op was just closing so I went further afield to the big Waitrose.

We then finished watching John Pilger's report about the Tories hiring profit-making private companies to provide NHS services. It was nothing we didn't know anyway, but it was good that ITV commisioned and broadcast it.

I bought the printed Guardian for the last time today, which I've been doing ever since I left home. I've used subscription vouchers, rather than rely on their website where I might miss something. However, they now do a Guardian Delay app, which gives you that day's edition on your phone for £99 a year without adverts.