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Life through my spiritual eyes❀️
2020-05-23 16:18:04 (UTC)

Simple things 😊

Listening to: Make You Miss Me - Sam Hunt
You hear a new song, it's your favorite
Pretty soon you'll be changing the station
And all your old shoes are looking brand new
They wanna be worn but they never get the chance to
Heavy into everything
Ready for the next thing
Catch a ride for a while then you're over it
You change your mind on it
Soon as the shine's gone
Like you always do, but you don't know it yet but
I ain't gonna be that easy to leave
Girl, I'm gonna make you miss me

“I am pieces of all the places I have been,
and the people I have loved. I’ve been stitched together by song lyrics, book quotes, adventure, late-night conversations, moonlight, and the smell of coffee.” ― Brooke Hampton
Good Evening!πŸŒ™
The day started off raining and dreary and soon after changed into sunny and mild, perfect! I managed my challenge workout, it's kicking my butt but I am seeing progress, the scale is down 6 pounds and my clothes feel bit loser so I am losing inches! Yay! go me. I had my shower, did my hair and makeup, and dressed for the day. Despite the pandemic, If I don't get myself ready for the day. I literally will sit in jammies all day looking like a frump lol. It's definitely helped me feel better.

I received some ideas from my cousin about the designs for my cottage, I fell in love with a circle rock type sitting area with a round pergola over it for near the deck. It's gorgeous, Then a meal roof and dock around the boat, so, those two ideas are settled. It feels so real now. I am over the moon excited. The cottage was built many years ago by my Daddy. (He has been passed for over 20 years now) It has held so much meaning to me. There are characteristics about it that I will not alter because they meant a lot to my Dad or well, His personal touch. I am working around those things. I hope He likes the changes I am making. My Dad was my entire life growing up. He was and always will be my hero. I was a big Daddy's girl. When I lost Him, I lost a huge part of myself. When I hit bottom, I knew I had to be the woman He raised me to be, and since then. I live every single day to make Him proud of me. I only hope He is. My grama was a close second. She was an angel, she taught me all about my abilities. How to not be afraid of them and how to understand them. Anyways, reno's will be starting soon, this week hopefully and finish by July. This has definitely given me something to look forward to, we all need that, more

I always drive by this store, it's just a simple convenience store, it has flowers outside during the summer, well today I decided to stop and look at the hanging baskets as I need a few for the front of my house. I found a beautiful one that matched the colors I am going for this year. I went inside to pay and wow, it's like a nursery in there, lots of garden plants, house plants, I was in heaven! $60.00 later and I walked out with 5 house plants and a hanging basket for outside, which made me happy today. Simple things 😊

Well, I must go finish getting dinner ready then I am going to go read outside for a bit.

Have a wonderful evening! ❀